What others are saying?

Leah M. (Pearland, TX)

 I feel better after 4 days of working out with this wonderful group, than I have since my last pregnancy, almost 4 years ago. 


Papa D. (Pearland, TX)

 I can say that I was the very first one to start and I stuck around because it works. First of all 30 minutes is not that bad (although it may and usually does feel like the longest 30 minutes ever) and you get your heart rate going fast. Patrick is awesome and he comes up with new routines all the time and always extremely challenging. It has changed my life. I am in my early fifties and I can jump from the floor and stand on my bed (which is pretty high, just like JJ Watt). Seriously, this is an awesome workout and I encourage you to check it out. 


Kyba A. (Pearland, TX)

 These workouts are awesome! They are challenging and doable. A combination of cardio and weight bearing workouts. I am a 40 something mother of 2 who works outside of the home. After a session with Fast Laine Fit I have more energy and a better attitude! Patrick tailors the workouts to my fitness level...and pushes me to do what I am physically capable! 


Jennifer C. (Pearland, TX)

 I've been doing these HIIT workouts with Patrick since January and have noticed a difference in endurance and strength. It only 30 minutes, 3 times a weeks. All the members that come are just normal people, so you can go at your own pace and have it modified to fit your own fitness level. We all motivate each other! It's great to have this service in the neighborhood :) 


Stephanie O. (Pearland, TX)

 Patrick keeps the group motivated & makes it fun. The group of folks encourage each other to hit goals & push each other--I've really enjoyed the experience thus far! 


Anu M. (Pearland, TX)

 I love my workouts with Patrick and Jennifer. It's short, but effective. He changes it up every day and makes sure that anyone can do it - from the beginners to the advanced. For me, the added bonus is that I don't have to drive - i can just walk up to the end of the road and finish my entire workout in 35 minutes! 


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