About Us

The Beginning

Fast Laine Fit was founded by Patrick Laine, PhD.  On January 1, 2016 Patrick, a proud father of 2 young ones, stepped on the scale and was shocked at the number (200 lbs if you must know).  It was that day that Fast Laine Fit was subconsciously born.  What kind of example was I setting for my kids?  With the current childhood obesity crisis, it's critical that as parents, we set the example for a healthy lifestyle.  

The Fast Laine Fit journey is about discovering a truly complete and healthy LIFESTYLE.  This would be a search for the best combination of diet and exercise imaginable, i.e., the search to becoming Fast Laine Fit!   

The Lifestyle

We get it.  Life is busy, convenient is often synonymous with unhealthy and unhealthy is often synonymous with affordable.  

Fast Laine Fit is the most efficient and affordable exercise solution on the planet.  In fact, it's more than exercise, it's a lifestyle solution.  90 minutes a week is all it takes - less than 1% of your week. 

The Fast Laine Fit Promise

The BEST workout you'll ever get.  30 minutes in a neighborhood near you 3x per week.  That's all it takes.  

We promise, (yes, that's a guarantee) results.  If you don't look or feel better (or both) after 30 days committed to Fast Laine Fit, no questions asked, we will give your money back.