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The Fast Laine Fit Mission

Childhood obesity is an epidemic that we strive to cure by impacting the lifestyles of parents, teachers, police officers, and other role models.  By exposing kids to the active lifestyles of their adult role models, they experience the lifestyle that stays with them forever!

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Our certified Trainers host Max Conditioning class IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

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Are you happy with your daily energy levels?  Are you feeling great?  Can you hold a plank for 2+ minutes?  These are just a couple of signs that tell if YOU are FAST LAINE FIT!

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To be Fast Laine Fit is not just about being fit, it’s a lifestyle!  Being Fast Laine Fit (and maintaining) is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  At FLF, we are impacting lifestyles by bringing cost effective mobile Max Fit stations right to your neighborhood.  Fast. Fun. Fit. - for 30 minutes – That’s Fast Laine Fit.

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3x per week, (30 min) Max Conditioning Training.  REMEMBER 1st week is ALWAYS free.  Nothing billed for 7 days! Contact us for exact times and locations!


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REMEMBER 1st week is ALWAYS free. Nothing billed for 7 days!

Fast Laine Fit

Houston, Texas, United States

(850) 866-6686





ALL Fast Laine Fit Members have access to ANY of our locations

Fast Laine Fit experiences are spreading throughout Houston and Fort Worth areas.  Can't make it to your regularly scheduled class?  Join in any of our ongoing classes (list below).  Contact us for additional details and exact address.

***NOTE: Schedules have been modified due to DECEMBER/HOLIDAY

Houston, TX

The Heights - MWF 5:30 AM

The Heights (EQ Coffee) - MWF 6 PM

Westbury - M (5:45PM) W (6PM) TH (6PM)

Near Woodway/Chimney Rock - TuTH 6 PM

James Berry Elem - MWF 4 PM

Pearland, TX


          MWF 5:30 AM (Estates)

          MW 6:15 AM (Island)***

          MW 8:45 AM (Trinity Bay)***

          MWF 4:30 PM (Marek)

          Wed/Sun 5:45 PM (York)***


     Southern Trails

           Sa 8:30 AM

           Tu/TH 6 PM 

           TuWTH 9:30 AM    


          MWF 5:30 AM

           MWF 8:45 AM


          MW 6 PM***

 East Pearland:

     Lakes Of Highland Glen

          MTuWTHF 6:15 AM

          MWF 7 AM

          M & TH 4:30 PM

          M & TH 5:15 PM

     Oak Brook Estates 

          MWTH 6 PM

          TuTH 5 AM + Sa 8 AM

     Cypress Village I

          MWF 5 AM

     Pearland Jr High South (in Jan

     Pearland Jr High West (in Jan)

Rosharon, TX

     Lakes of Savannah

     MWF 6 AM

     MW 6 PM ***

League City/Friendswood

Near 2351/N Friendswood Dr - MWF 9:30 AM

Katy/Cypress/The Woodlands/Kingwood

East Windvale - Alden Bridge (The Woodlands)

     MWF 6 AM

Willowbrook - Coming in January


Fast Laine Fit Experience

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Fast Laine Fit members strive for PROGRESS not Perfection!  You'll notice houses in the background, it's that simple. Our certified trainers come to you, even your driveway!